Back pain during pregnancy

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Back pain is very common during pregnancy. For some pregnant women, back pain transient and non-irritating. For some other pregnant women, they suffer persistent pain and discomfort.

Pregnant women in pregnancy mostly have back pain, depending on varying degrees only. But you should not see that as something obvious and try to endure. Low back pain can affect hip cheerful mood during pregnancy, as well as affect your daily life and your daily work. However, you still have ways to mitigate or even completely dropped this back pain. The easiest is to have the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, you can consult on the internet for more detailed information and they are sold widely in many stores and websites.

Hips low back pain during pregnancy

Pregnant women often describe the pain as weighing or stretch muscles and ligaments in the back and then spread to every move. Waist-hip pain often limits the movement of pregnant women because each leaned forward is very painful.

Approximately 50-80% of pregnant women suffer from back pain during pregnancy. Some people will continue to be after the birth.

Pregnant with her first child, the back pain those future pregnancies will likely to be higher.

Why pregnant women often suffer from back pain?

Hormones produced during pregnancy as Relaxing affects the joints and ligaments of the body. Relaxing is a hormone important because it helps the pelvic dilation to prepare for the baby is born. Including pelvic muscles and ligaments at the lower back are often not strong enough to support the pain is inevitable.

Some other changes

  • Body gravity changes as pregnancy also tend leaned forward.
  • Weight gain
  • Stress also affects the hips back pain. Because when increased stress hormones, the body does not get a chance to relax, recover and always in a state of tense. Gradually, fatigue and back muscles will stretch more.

What can you do to ease the pain?

First, you should consult your doctor about the right thing to do. It is important to identify the causes of low back pain hips. Pain control is like a bandage, you can help relieve pain and not knowing where to cause pain.

You should control your weight, not to gain weight too much. Body mass index checks and ensure that no more than 10-12 kg increase during pregnancy.

Try to keep a straight posture while standing fragrant, go or sit. Bulbs can imagine between your chest straight forward lighting, do not leave lights on the ground.

Keep back straight and shoulders but also comfortable. A support bra is also a good idea.

Avoid standing still for too long. If you need to stand long, occasionally moving to the knee pleasant.

When standing, your legs a little so far to create a wide base and strong presence.

When working with the computer sits, should ensure a smooth seat and your weight distributed evenly around the buttocks.

Stand up moving frequently, avoid sitting up more than 30 minutes continuously. When elected greater, you will need to adjust posture and height of the seat.

Use a low chair to sit footrest when you work.

Often exercise during pregnancy. Walking, swimming, yoga, aesthetics are a good set before birth. If you feel your sport formerly set you uncomfortable, you can change other subjects.

You should also note that a number of sports that can cause more pain.

Do not lift objects can cause muscle strain. Bent or twisted joints can cause pelvic and lumbar strain hipper.

If you need to pick up something on the ground, you should sit down and picked up and not bend. Use the muscles in your legs to help your health to sit down and stand up again. And you should hold onto your furniture edges for additional strength.

You should wear more types of support such as tape belly shirt, cardigan support. These will be useful to bear the abdomen before the baby’s weight at the same time support the spine and improve posture for you. Currently, there is no research to prove the effectiveness abdominal bandage but many pregnant women feel it is truly useful.

You should avoid wearing heels because they will affect gait and why you tend to lean forward more normal posture. It is best to wear low and arch support.

Apply heat or cold can be useful for spinal pain. But you should ask your doctor if a new kind of suit.

When you do not sleep on their backs and are beginning to lie low, bend knees and hug pillow.

Lie on your left will be good for your circulation and blood supply to the fetus.

Avoid toys with a high grab that should take a low stool to stand up take.

You should also refer to the type of massage, physiotherapy or methods of relaxation, muscle relaxation exercises for pregnant women. Find ways to make the lower back and right hip straighten posture without strain.

Get plenty of rest and sleep more. Every time you sleep, the body is recovered and renewable energy. Use relaxation techniques to help you sleep if you have trouble sleeping.

You should also check whether you are lying mattress supports your sleep posture. If the mattress sunk and cannot keep your spine finely creased, you should change another mattress. Or you can put under the mattress to support flat wooden panels.

Occasionally, some pregnant women need to use painkillers or analgesics creams have anti-inflammatory and certainly should consult a doctor before use.

When the pain really makes you worry?

  • If you cannot back pain continuous pain relief.
  • Your growing pains as intense.
  • Back pain accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, vaginal bleeding or feeling you will give birth soon.
  • Sharp pain or burning sensation when urinating.
  • To neither take regular painkillers or analgesics pleasant nor do you get.

This is the place that you do not just find the advices of how taking care of pregnant women, some tips of how to balance and help you to not only providing the best condition for the babies but also look after for both mother and kids.

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