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How to choose a best graco baby swings for infants

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A related item and something that many moms will say is their #1 must-have item is a best baby swing review 2016.
We chose not to get a best baby swing because we had a small apartment and they require a lot of real estate, but many (many, many) moms and dads are completely nuts over baby swings. Most swings not only swing back and forth (like a pendulum), but they also play sounds and have other visual goodies.
You can also use a swing like a bouncy seat to stash your baby away while you GSD (get stuff/sh*t done) around the house. **Warning: These can be VERY overstimulating, especially for newborns. Use them sparingly in the first two months!
Fisher-Price has the market cornered on swings, the most popular one being the Graco baby swing (above^^). Click here to see all Fisher-Price baby swings. This is a great item to buy used on Craigslist, etc.

1. The Graco Glider Elite Swing

Want a bouncer seat that also swings and takes up less space than a traditional swing? Sorry, counselor, I know I’m leading the witness [snort].

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