Wetting the bed

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Kids have the habit of wetting the bed. They feel that is very shameful to wet the bed at night. 90% of the children wet the bed at night. Kids up to 6 years probably wet the bed. They sometimes do not feel that they are sleeping in the wet bed. In the morning when they wake up they have a glance of it. People poke them due to this reason. Kids never understand why they are wetting the bed at night. Little grown-up children feel very embarrassing when they wet the bed at night. Sleeping on the wet bed for long is the cause for emerging various diseases. Parents also have many confusions regarding wetting the bed. But there are various causes behind it.


There are various reasons of wetting the bed. Deep sleep is one of the main causes. Kids often in deep sleep do not realize that they need to go to the bathroom. A kid was having small bladder often wets the bed. Kids who drink too much of water before going to bed have the habit of wetting the bed. Kids who don’t have the control and lazy to get up wets the bed night. The family habit may be included. The parents in their childhood used to do this, or still now they wake up at night and go to the toilet; their kids may grow up the habit of waiting for the bed. The hormone which controls the urine is low then there will be a chance of wetting the bed. Sometimes kids sleeping in some odd place may result in these.

There are two types of bedwetting: 1) Primary and 2) Secondary. Primary bedwetting means continuous bed-wetting for a long period. Secondary bedwetting means bed wetting which continues with a pause of 6 months or more. Primary bedwetting has various causes- kids having the bad habit of holding the toilet for a long time can lead to bed wetting at night. A secondary problem can also be termed as a medical problem. The secondary bedwetting causes are:

  • Urinary tract infection- It is an irritation which causes pain while urinating.
  • Abnormality- Defects in nerves can result in bed wetting.
  • Emotionally stressed- Stressed kids can have the habit of bed wetting.
  • Night Dreams- Due to some imaginable dreams may lead to bed wetting.

If the parents are suffering from sickle cell diseases, the child may have a trace of it in them. This disorder may cause bed-wetting. Sleep apnea is a major cause of wetting the bed. This is a breathing problem which arises during the sleep hours. Chronic constipation is the disorder of urinating system which causes bed wetting at night. The kid who wets the bed at regular intervals may lead to diabetes in future.

A spinal cord injury is an emergency case of bed wetting. Urinary Incontinence is also a disease which is one of the facts of bed wetting. Bed wetting may lead to many risks in future so it should be controlled.


Bed-wetting is not a good habit, so it should be controlled in various ways. Parents should know why do kids wet the bed and try to solve it. Do not drink so much water before going to bed. Consult your doctor about the amount of water you have to drink. Parents have to check if their kids are wetting the bed at night. They have to keep a track of it. If you are having terrors at night and that’s why you are wetting the bed, then you must consult a psychologist for this purpose. Stop punishing your kids for bed wetting. There is always a problem behind bed wetting, punishing them will not solve it in any way. Do create a huge issue for bed wetting. Encourage your kids and try to solve it. Never poke or make a fun of it, it creates a bad effect on the child’s mind. Do not openly discuss it in front of everyone. Help your kid to overcome this problem. Clean up the wet area regularly or else it will lead to creations of germs and bacteria. Prevent drinks such as sodas, caffeine before going to bed. Your kid should go to the bathroom before going to bed. Use diapers at night to avoid leakage. Have a talk with your child about bed wetting so he or she may try to control it. There are various diseases which lead to bed wetting. Proper measures should be taken against it.

Urinary tract infection is one of the causes of bed wetting. The treatment of these is antibiotics. So doctors sometimes suggest Phenazopyridine against this disease. Acetaminophen is also prescribed. Kids who have infections in the urinating system will be treated with Cephalosporins, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, or a fluoroquinolone. Fosfomycin can be a substitute for it.

Sleep apnea is a serious disease for bed wetting. Surgery is the best way to solve this problem. Surgery will remove the breathing obstacles, forever. Neurostimulation is the way to increase the muscle tone and will reduce interrupt breathing. This will reduce bed-wetting. Zolpidem and triazolam are particular medicines which can also be used against it.

If the child is bedwetting due to some emotional problems, always consult a psychologist. If the child is suffering from bed wetting due to chronic constipation, Prokinetics is a medicine which is prescribed by it. A laxative is also the best way to deal with chronic constipation. But you always consult a doctor.

Spinal cord injury is a dangerous problem for bed wetting. Consultation of doctor is the must. Surgery can also be done if required. If this disease is ignored, then the child’s life will be at risk.

There are some foods which to avoid to control bed wetting. Eating of orange and lemon juices should be avoided. Allergic food habits may lead to bed wetting so always try to avoid it.

Parents should have a properly detailed knowledge about wetting the bed and should take timely measures for it.

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