How to make sure you buy top rated baby swings

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Here are a few shopping tips that will help ensure you buy only the top rated baby swings:

Does your baby like the swing?

If you don’t know someone who already has a swing which you can try out then take your baby to the store with you and have a trial run. Don’t forget to take some batteries along as not all floor models will be ready to go. The reaction of your baby to the various swings will certainly make it easier for you to find out which one is the best choice.

Full sized or portable

This is a very important decision as well. Are you okay moving a full sized swing from one room to another time and time again? Are you even going to be able to take it with you for road trips? Travel swings don’t take up as much space. So if you are planning multiple trips for the foreseeable future, these swings are the best bet for you. The only downside with portable swings is that you will have to bend a little while putting your baby in the swing and taking them out. Doing this often is not going to be the most comfortable thing in the world.

5-point harness

All full sized swings come with restraining systems. Some of them will come with 5 point harness systems which are the best since it doesn’t allow your baby to climb or fall out of the seat. This is something that can happen more often that you may imagine. Travel swings do not have trays with them but do have safety harnesses. You may think that a 3 point harness is good enough but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t.

Side to side movement

Due to the way in which they are constructed, with a seat inside a frame, the regular full sized and travel swings can only move from front to back. But when it comes to cradle swings which have cradle seat suspended in the frame, they can even move from side to side. All you need to do is turn the seat and you’re good to go. A Standard cradle or full sized swings can recline too. But it is the cradle swings which are positioned in a way that your baby can lie down which is something that newborns certainly prefer as opposed to upright positions. But as soon as your baby will be able to move their hands and legs, they will want to sit up. This is a sign that it’s time for the cradle swing to be retired.


Some swings come with deep, padded seats. These seats should always be avoided since they have a high chance of causing positional asphyxia in your baby. Instead, go for the wider chairs that have adjustable support for the head. During infancy, you are going to need to get a seat which reclines or has a back that is angled since your baby is not going to be able to keep their head up at this time. A headrest is going to make it easier for their head to be positioned properly. Your baby should start feeling comfortable in the swing after 3 months or so. You are no longer going to need the infant headrest. So try and find a swing which has a removable one that you can take off later on.

Power options

You might find your baby is spending a lot of time in the swing. But the more time they spend in the swing, the more batteries you are going to have to buy. This isn’t just costly but is also quite time-consuming as you will have to open up the battery compartment with a screwdriver to change the batteries each time. In order to save your some valuable time and money, consider getting a swing which has a plug-in option. Even if you don’t mind the battery operated ones, make sure you use rechargeable batteries.

Return policy

And lastly, you should find out about the return policy of any store before making a purchase. They should offer you the ability to return the swing. You will have to retain the receipt and the original packaging for this though. So store them carefully.

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