How to Get Pregnant with a Boy Baby: A 30 Day Plan

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There are actually some things that you can do to tip the scales in your favor when choosing the sex of your child.

Probably the best-known method for gender selection is the Shettles method which focuses on timing intercourse at the right time of the month, and while this is a good method, there are plenty of other things that you can do to help to conceive a boy baby naturally as well.

So I’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks on how to get pregnant with a boy and laid them out in an easy to follow 30 Day Plan.

Before You Start

This plan will help you increase the odds of having a boy but of course, there are no guarantees. If you are meant to have a girl, then it’s up to fate/god/the universe (whatever you believe in).

Also, this plan assumes that you are ovulating correctly, both you and your partner are healthy, and you have no history of infertility.

It also assumes that you ovulate on day 14 which as you probably already know is only the average day of ovulation. Please adjust the plan accordingly if you ovulate before or after this. If you don’t know when you ovulate, then I recommend charting for a month or two, or using ovulation predictor kits (OPK’s) to determine your ovulation day.

Ok, let’s get started.

Day 1 – 12 (or two days before ovulation)

The first part of the plan centers mainly on your health and your partner’s health.

Your Partner: To get a boy then you need to make sure that your partner’s sperm is in optimum peak condition. So try and persuade him to wear boxer shorts, take cool baths or showers (so as not to heat the testes up too much) and cut back on the smoking and alcohol.

You: You also need to concentrate on your health (no smoking, no alcohol, light exercise and healthy foods), but introducing certain foods into your diet is important to change the pH level of your vagina to one that favors the male sperm.

A study by Oxford & Exeter Universities found those women’s diets high in potassium and more alkaline in nature produced boys more often than girl babies.

So your diet, while still remaining healthy overall, should include banana’s (high in potassium), high fibre breakfast cereal (stats say you have an 87% increased chance of having a boy with a good breakfast cereal) and alkaline foods such as chicken, green leafy vegetables, nuts, most fruits and nuts.

Day 13 – Day 15 (or day before, day of, and day after ovulation)

It’s baby making time!

You should get your partner to have a cup of coffee a few hours prior to intercourse to ‘wake up’ the sperm.

Make sure you have sex every day during this period to increase the chances of conceiving. There are different positions that are best for having a boy baby and these include those that deposit the sperm as close to the cervix as possible. The most popular of these positions are the rear entry position (doggy style) and other deep penetration positions.

And most importantly you must have an orgasm. When the woman has an orgasm it changes the pH of her vagina to more alkaline (which as I’ve already mentioned is best for getting a boy) and the best way to do that apart from a diet is from an orgasm.

If you don’t have an orgasm with the sex itself, then afterwards masturbate or use another method to help yourself achieve climax. Another benefit is that when you do climax, the sperm is drawn into the uterus further thus helping it reach the egg faster.

Day 16 onwards

The hardest part – waiting.

Uggh, I hate the two-week wait. The only advice that I can give you is to eat pineapples around 4 to 6 days after you ovulate because there is an old wives tale that it helps with egg implantation into the uterus. And you need to make sure it’s fresh because it’s the bromelain that is in the core of the pineapple that is said to help. There are no definitive studies that have proven this though, but it certainly can’t hurt.

I have my fingers crossed for you and I hope that you get the baby boy that you’ve been dreaming of. Good luck.

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