Gender Selection Methods

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There are couples around the world making use gender selection methods that are completely nature to aid them in conceiving the gender of choice. While there are medical procedures that can also help with this process, they tend to be costly and are simply not an option for most people. The following are natural gender selection methods when it comes to having the baby you want.

Some of the most popular gender selection methods for conceiving a girl include a number of factors. Before getting started, it’s important to note that the gender of the baby you give birth to is dependent on the male’s sperm. The reason being is that the women do not carry the necessary genes that determine the baby’s gender.

Creating an advantageous environment for the female sperm

The gene carrying the female sperm are very strong and are able to survive even in harsh environments where the male sperm would not have a chance. This can easily be used to your advantage by creating a reproductive environment that is more favorable to whichever gender baby you want. Alkaline environments are recommended for conceiving a boy and acidic environments are favorable for having a baby girl.

Using the Shettles method to conceive a girl

Other gender selection methods include the very popular Shettles method which encourages timing intercourse according to the gender you want. So if you want to have a boy, then timing intercourse exactly on the day of ovulation is best as this creates a more favorable environment for the male sperm. Likewise, making love several days prior to ovulation is better suited to conceiving a girl.

Many people often believe that gender selection methods do not work and that the chances of conceiving either gender are completely equal. However, there have been reports around the world with couples having success just by implementing several of the methods described here.

Sexual positions do make a difference

When it comes to gender selection methods, the sexual position matters a great deal depending on what gender you want your baby to be. If you want to get pregnant with a boy, then it is strongly recommended to have intercourse that promotes deep penetration such as rear entry. This will deposit the sperm closer to the cervix where it is more alkaline and also shortens the distance to the eggs.

However, if you want to get pregnant with a girl then you will need to make love with shallow sexual positions such as missionary. The entrance of the vagina is naturally more acidic so this is favorable for the female sperm. In addition, it will also ensure that a majority of the male sperm will be killed off as they are not able to survive in acidic environments.

Gender selection methods have seen success rates as 90% but it’s important to remain patient throughout the process. However, once you and your spouse have made the decision that you want to go through it then it will be well worth it in the end. Just remember that you only have one shot at this and once the eggs are fertilized, the gender of the baby is set so make it count the first time.

Monitoring the pH levels of the reproductive environment

Additional gender selection methods include monitoring the pH levels of the woman’s reproductive environment by using test strips. Lower pH levels are more favorable for conceiving a boy whereas a more acidic environment is best for getting pregnant with a girl. It’s important to track the results on a daily basis so any changes can be immediately noticed.

Ways of altering pH include making use a douche in addition to altering the woman’s diet. For ways to conceive a boy, it is recommended to eat foods high in sodium. When it comes to knowing how to get pregnant with a girl, it is recommended to consume foods high in magnesium and calcium. A specialty douche can be purchased from a health clinic but there are also home remedies that can be made instead.

Using prediction kits and tools for conception

When attempting gender selection methods, there are several tools that you need that will help you in your quest. Perhaps the most commonly used method is by timing intercourse on or days prior to ovulation depending on the gender you want. Therefore, using ovulation prediction kits are crucial as this helps to better pinpoint when this occur.

Take your time, you only have one shot

One final factor for gender selection methods includes the woman having an orgasm during intercourse which makes a significant difference. So when attempting to have a baby boy, it is recommended that the woman orgasm as this releases fluids that make the womb even more alkaline. But to conceive a girl, the woman should not orgasm as the reproductive environment will also be favorable for the female sperm.

When tracking the cycle of ovulation and the pH levels of the reproductive environment, it’s important to jot down everything on a calendar. This will help better prepare the couple when they are attempting to conceive the gender of choice. Be sure to keep these factors in mind when it comes to natural gender selection methods.

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