How to choose the best lightweight stroller

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You are a traditional parent who wants to provide your kid with a standard or a jogging style stroller which contains every convenient feature? Well, you might have to think it again. Although a lightweight stroller might lack some of the features as in a standard stroller, I assure you it will totally worth your investment! In fact, now manufacturers of lightweight strollers are producing more and more models that offer many features. And believe me, the best lightweight stroller that you choose may be able to assist you much in your parenthood.

These kinds of products are smaller and lighter than standard ones, compact when being folded, easy to fold and carry with you when you have to be outside with your baby. Many brands of lightweight stroller now have reclining seats, adjustable handle bars, large storage space and large canopies that provide large sun shade,… which can meet the demands of both the parents and their babies as well. In deed, lightweight strollers can give you total comfort and convenient that standard ones cannot. I just love the simplicity of the lightweight design since it is really easy for me to transport and to save space in my small house also.

best lightweight stroller

If you decide to choose the best lightweight stroller for you and your baby’s convenience, you had better take into considerations several things. Well, there might come the time when you get totally confused after surfing the Internet and messed up. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry no more. I’m here to share with you my own experience after many times go looking for the best lightweight stroller for my two little daughters – Lily and Rosie.

Size: Well, what you are looking for is a lightweight stroller, right? Of course, size matters a lot when it comes to choosing to buy one. Try using it at the store to see if it is too big or too small. The point is you must feel comfortable with it so that you will not have to regret buying it later in your life. If the lightweight stroller is too small, it may lack too many necessary features and may not be strong enough to keep your baby safe in it. However, if it is too big, it also fails to accomplish its task as a “lightweight” stroller. The products’ weight often ranged from around 8 pounds to 20. The difference can be extremely significant when you have to carry your baby in the stroller for a long time. So make sure you choose the right size that gives you as much comfort as possible.

Brake: Of course safety must be the most important feature to consider before buying a lightweight stroller for your baby. That’s why the braking mechanism should be on top in the order of priority. You should test them carefully to check how the brakes of the stroller are designed, how they work and is it easy for you to control the whole braking mechanism. Note that there are two kinds of brakes: single action brakes and double brakes. Normally, the strollers that have a single action brake are easier to use.

Handle bar: Single handle bar or double? Well, you might get confused a little bit when choosing between these two options. Personally, I think the single handle bar lightweight stroller is easier to control and navigate. The next thing that you should bear in mind is that you had better choose the one that has adjustable handle bar. It will be so much troublesome if you and your husbands/wives or relatives have different heights but have to use the same handle bar height. Therefore, an adjustable one would be much more convenient and comfortable.

For me, lightweight stroller is a must have item for my two beloved daughters. Some people are overwhelmed, but actually choosing the best lightweight stroller is not that hard. Take these notes down and you will find it easier to buy one.

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